Dear World,

  Desire dies a slow death. It's difficult to dismiss a life-long dream. It dwells in our bones. It laps against our feet , awakening our toes like frigid sea water.  It infiltrates our DNA, becoming apart of us. How then, I ask, do you wash it away? You don't. You've heard of a drug … Continue reading Dear World,


Disappointment Doesn’t fit in a Duffel Bag

Disappointment is bulky. Sometimes  with rough edges.  If the big 'D' proved easy, we would stuff it inside an easy-to-carry duffel bag. Maybe even a purse. Instead, the weighty load requires a backpack cinched tight around our middle. The shoulder straps dig into our skin and press down. Sitting, shrugging off the drudgery, isn't easily … Continue reading Disappointment Doesn’t fit in a Duffel Bag