Why aren’t you. . .

reading something daily?

I get it.  Life is busy. With our phones, T.V., work, children and husbands there’s little ‘me’ time left.   Even if there was, would you want to spend it reading?

You should read something everyday.  And when I say something I am being very broad here.  Not just books.  I don’t know about you but I am a pro at focusing on me.  If it’s not what I’m doing, then it’s what I’m feeling. This moment, the next, last week and next Thursday.  Generally I tend to worry more about tomorrow and cringe when I replay yesterday while at the same time, muddling through today.

We need to focus outward.  The best way to move in that direction is to crack open the vast horizons and stretch our thinking caps.

So what should you read?

Cartoons.  Nothing sloughs off negativity better than a hearty laugh. If it’s at your own expense, even better.

New Recipes.  Can’t you imagine the ingredients swirling in the bowl, tempting your taste buds until you find yourself salivating.  Next thing you know you’re searching your pantry or jumping in the car headed to the grocery store. The result on this tasty exercise? Cooking is cathartic.

Meditation/prayer/general uplifting stuff.   Short of Prozac, most of us don’t wake up chipper.  Starting your day in the zone by reading something that feeds your soul improves your chances of accomplishing what you set out to do the rest of the day.  Don’t you want to end the night with a sigh of satisfaction?

The news.  I admit, I’m not a paper reader and haven’t dived into online news. I do however pick up the Art & Entertainment section of the Sunday paper.  Knowing what’s happening in the world, your community and neighborhood keeps you relevant.  It gives you things to talk about with other people, whether they’re new acquaintances, old friends or your spouse of 20 years.  And, if you are not the one bringing up new technology/international incidents/Broadway plays at least you’ll have insight and can join the conversation with a respectable point of view.

Your goals.  What, don’t have any?  You should and not just the boring financial ones. Or the unrealistic kind, like dropping 3 dress sizes by Christmas.  Well okay.  Maybe no carb eaters can achieve that but I’m focusing on your dreams.  They aren’t just for daydreaming.  Make them happen.  Come up with a plan and give them a look-see daily.

Whatever it is you’re choosing to read daily, is data in that brain of yours.  Make it work in your favor. And read on.

Stayed tuned for more Why Aren’t You. . . posts