Oddly Insightful Things I learned Bowling


A few weeks back, me and my four gal pals trekked to Park City. Our time together goes something like this:

Pajamas until noon


One mega feast – our version of charcuterie

Dining out

Well… Alcohol

We’ve known each other a gazillion years. Our secrets are out. Make-up goes by the wayside. Laughs abound, along with a cry or two. I drink in every moment with these girls. I’m grateful for what we have. And the bond we share.

Something new happened this trip — we bowled.

I can hear you saying…so what.

Insight, I realized, isn’t always exposed in brilliant moments, rather kooky flashes when you least expect it.

Here’s what I gleaned from our bowling foray:

  • It doesn’t matter how you throw the ball down the lane. Takeaway: The well-treaded path is not always your path. Do you, regardless of who’s watching. In bowling and in life.
  • A rather slim gal in our posse appears frail at times. At least to me. Until she picked up her bowling ball and flung it down the alley. Strike! Take away: Strength is within and often hidden. Show others, verses tell them. And use it wisely. Especially when bowling.
  • The birthday girl throws a mean ball. The best bowler, in fact. A serious glower appears on her face above the ball, poised high as she surveys the pins. This is a new side of her I’m seeing. Owning the alley, fearless and focused. Take away: Be open to surprises. Even our closest friends have hidden gifts waiting to be exposed.
  • Fun often needs a helping hand. I’m lucky. Five friends tossed in the drink and combustion occurs. Voila: shenanigans ensue. On the next lane over, a crowd amassed. The lights dimmed. Music swirled the lanes and pins splintered. High fives showered from both parties. I realize this fun equation is a gift the five of us have mastered. Still we’ve learned to share it. Take away: hoarding fun is selfish. Brighten someone else’s day.

I’ll admit we threw a few gutter balls, a fair amount of splits. But I doubt anyone remembers. Only the laughs.  And of course, the Fireball.