Beyond a Shadow of Doubt

Image result for storm cloudsSometimes doubt looms above my laptop, shadowing my 12pt. font. Words scatter, no longer making sense. Fingers linger on the keyboard and I slump from the weight of it all.

A bad writing day stunts my writing life, which up until now includes three long ago romances, one promising (at least I think so) women’s fiction. And a sparkly new novel which of course is fantastic.

On those cloudy days, I admit, I sometimes retreat.

More often I fight.

Here’s how.

Nosedive into a book that inspires. Read a chapter. Laugh or cry at the pros. Allow the words to seep into my writing soul.

Change my geography. Ditch the office for a beloved niche. Challenge that cloud to find me. Ha!

Reboot the brain. Do anything besides checking emails. A warm up on my tea sounds about right. Did I let the dogs outside? Forcing our thoughts elsewhere gives rest to my fighting spirit bruised by my inner Doubting Debbie.

Shift to another creative process. Admire art on the wall. Grab a pencil and sketch the sunlit tree outside my window. It’s my theory of milk and cookies: eat cookies and you crave milk, only to desire another cookie and so on.

Biting into another artistic endeavor will steer you back to writing.

If the darn cloud prevails, open an umbrella. The sword, they say is mightier than the pen. I’ve found brandishing the pointy tip of an umbrella punctures my cloud.

All imaginary of course. But isn’t’ that what writers do best?

6 thoughts on “Beyond a Shadow of Doubt”

    1. Debbie, I must have missed your kind comment last month on my site jandraper.com
      Glad you popped in to visit. I also can’t wait to publish the book…its a crazy ride for sure!


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