Disappointment Doesn’t fit in a Duffel Bag

Disappointment is bulky. Sometimes  with rough edges.

duffle-bags If the big ‘D’ proved easy, we would stuff it inside an easy-to-carry duffel bag. Maybe even a purse. Instead, the weighty load requires a backpack cinched tight around our middle. The shoulder straps dig into our skin and press down. Sitting, shrugging off the drudgery, isn’t easily accomplished.

Disappointment requires a response.

Saying, “Yes, I know you’re there, stuck to my back, depressing the hell out of me,” isn’t sufficient. Disappointment is chatty. She won’t relent until you give her what she wants.

Foremost, she demands we carry the burden for a time. Much like treading around the house in new shoes. At first, they pinch toes, rub against tender skin. Only walking stretches the inner structure of the shoe.

I’d like to think, at my age, I’m all stretched out. Or, maybe I’m not up for the exercise. Like a shadow, my disappointment has followed me everywhere this week. I’ve walked miles while she whispers in my ears. Much of what she says, I don’t want to hear. She even pokes me in the gut until my stomach aches.

Finally, the other day she let me peek inside the backpack. On top I found a mirror. Everyday she asks me to look at myself. Some days, I discover something about me I didn’t know.  Who knew? Well, I suppose she did.

To my surprise the backpack seems lighter today. And she’s tempered her chitchat. I smiled today. I suspect the big ‘D’ is shrinking.

That is my hope.






4 thoughts on “Disappointment Doesn’t fit in a Duffel Bag”

  1. As Thich Naht Hanh says, “Hello, fear, how are you today?” In this case, “Hello, disappointment, how are you today?” Facing the emotion head on, as you indicate here, is the first step towards moving away from its clutches.


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