Owning It


Compared to many other countries, we, the rich folks, own a lot of things.  But I’m not talking about things.  I’m talking talents and gifts that we are good at.  Often, the problem is we don’t want to claim them, thinking we’re not worthy, not good enough at whatever it is to own it. That might be construed at bragging.  The word, bragging conjures up an arrogant person.  As they boast on and on about their Thing, their head swells with each word until eventually they float away.  Good riddance!

I believe there is something short of gloating and beyond modesty that we can be and own our gifts.  This is why we must own them:


  • Everybody yearns to be good at something.  It is said that we should do one thing really well.
  • Our gifts make our heart swell.  With pride, accomplishment.  Often times, a sense of peace.
  • Owning our gifts usually motivates us to press on, farther down that road.  Our spirit is lifted and by nature we desire to do better, be better.


So what aren’t you owning? Say it out loud and own it.  Say it with conviction, the words almost guttural as they pass your lips.  When you say the words carved and heavy as stone, you should feel them rush out of your chest, leaving no room for doubt.

With that said, I am sharing a picture of my desk.  After dinner the other night, I couldn’t wait to get back to my office to write. Before I sat down I stood looking at the mess.  In that moment, Jeopardy wafting into the room from down the hall, dinner dishes untouched in the sink and the dogs in need of bath,  I owned what I had been skirting for some time.  I AM A WRITER!

What do you need to own?  I am passing the microphone to the next person who reads this.  What’s your shout out to the universe?  Don’t be timid.  We are full of god-given gifts.  What’s yours?

Let me know.  I’d love to celebrate your gift with you.